Personalized Video Email Campaigns

Don’t Just Sell. Truly Connect With Your Prospects

Get More Replies and Responses With Personalized Videos

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Send Mass Personalized Videos

Increase Response Rates by 300%

Can you believe that? It’s 300% and we bet you’ll get that by personalizing a single video with texts, logos, thumbnails and more to deliver a personalized experience to thousands of recipients.

Send personalized videos

Video engagement reports

Advanced Real-time Tracking

Track Your Campaigns and Conversions

Track a single email or many at a time and see how your video emails are performing; click rates, open rates, watch rate, watch duration and more. We want you to have it all.

Video engagement reports

Personalized Videos at Scale

Automate Personalized Sales Video

Send 1:1 personalized videos through your sales outreach platform. Hippo Video lets you automate your entire sales process to send personalized videos at scale. Close deals faster with a click of a button.

personalized video at scale